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 [RULES] Jing's Castle - Please READ before posting

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PostSubject: [RULES] Jing's Castle - Please READ before posting   Sat Jan 23, 2010 4:20 pm

Main Rules for Jing's Castle - Jing Chang International English Forum

1. Respect Zhang Yun Jing the artist and the person
- Before posting/replying, always post with due respect to Jing, her family, friends, affiliates etc.
- Any pictures, videos of Jing in private moments are allowed, but if the original uploader has requested for you not to post their uploads elsewhere, please just link to the original site

2. Please refrain from questioning or discussing Jing’s gender preference.
- first offense: removal of topic/post and PM warning
- second offense: account will be temporarily frozen
- third offense: account will be banned

3. Respect each other
- We're all family in the fandom sense
- Uniting together in tough times is the key

4. No spamming or advertising allowed (this includes spamming posts to get to Jing Downloads!)
- first offense: moderator will remove post and/or PM warning
- second offense: PM warning message
- third offense: account will be temporarily frozen
- last offense: account will be removed/banned

5. No explicit/vulgar profanity
- any offense: warning from moderator
- repeated offenses (depending on severity): account will be temporarily frozen

6. No inappropriate content (sexually-explicit, anti-religious, racial, reference to weapons or drugs etc.)
- same consequences as rule #4

7. No quoting of images or embedded videos
- Please remove [img] or [youtube] tags when quoting

8. Crediting original source
- ex. original source: username or original link

9. Respect other artists - you are free to state your opinions, but in a civilized manner
- NO negativity!!!

10. Post in English only or provide English translation with the original language you are posting in - please post SINCERELY and with thought!

11. Please refrain from creating multiple accounts.
- If you have problems with registering or your current account, contact admin or moderator

12. Jing Castle's staff has right to move/delete/edit topics and posts
- Actions will be taken without notice for violations of rules #1-12
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[RULES] Jing's Castle - Please READ before posting
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