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 [RULES] How to open a thread/tag

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[RULES] How to open a thread/tag Empty
PostSubject: [RULES] How to open a thread/tag   [RULES] How to open a thread/tag Icon_minitimeSat Jan 23, 2010 4:38 pm

Note: Please tag the title of your post when starting a new thread

*[TAG] are tags that only staff can use to start a thread

Date Formatting
ex. January 24, 2010
[TAG] 100124 Title

Key for Abbreviated Tags

1. [OFFICIAL] = Official Threads such as [OFFICIAL] Jing Spazz Thread
- Only couple threads are not stickies → [OFFICIAL] Couple Thread – Jing & ?]

2. [SUGG] = suggestion

3. [QUES] = question

4. [DISC] = discussion

5. [PIC] = pictures

6. [VID] = videos
- [SUB] = subbed video
- [MV] = official music video

7. [BLOG] = blog posts

8. [TRANS] = translations

9. [INTRO] = introduction (only applicable in Jing Connections)

10. Only applicable in Jing Castle Creations:
- [WALL] = wallpaper
- [FIC] = fanfic

Below are examples of tags you use in each section/subsection of Jing's Castle

ZYJ Fan Bulletin - [OFFICIAL], [SUGG], [QUES], [PROB], [RULES], [DISC], [FAQ]

Jing’s Latest Updates[OFFICIAL], [ARCHIVE], [NEWS], [SCHEDULE]
Jing’s Snapshots[OFFICIAL], [PIC]
Jing’s Words[OFFICIAL], [BLOG], [TRANS]
Discuss About Jing[OFFICIAL], [VOTE!], [DISC], [DISC/POLL]

Streaming Jing[ARCHIVE], [VID], [MV], [SUB], [MUSIC], [RADIO]
Jing’s Lyrics - [ALBUM], [PENSAUCE], [OTHER]
Jing Requests - [VID], [MUSIC], [RADIO], [PIC], [LYRIC], [OTHER]
Jing Downloads – [VID] etc.

Let’s Get to Know Each Other[OFFICIAL], [DISC], [INTRO], [POLL/DISC] and [OTHER]

Jing Castle Creations - [BANNER], [ICONS], [VID], [WALL], [VARIOUS]
- fanfics: [FIC], [ONE-SHOT]
- ratings: [G], [PG], [PG-13], [R], [NC-17]

Chat About Anything[OFFICIAL], [DISC], [DISC/POLL] and [OTHER]

Pensauce – [UPDATE], [PIC], [VID]
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[RULES] How to open a thread/tag
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