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 [QUES – ANS] How to stream TV channel online?

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[QUES – ANS] How to stream TV channel online? Empty
PostSubject: [QUES – ANS] How to stream TV channel online?   [QUES – ANS] How to stream TV channel online? Icon_minitimeTue Feb 09, 2010 8:18 pm

With all the CNY shows coming up I’m sure some people can’t wait and want to watch it live. So here I am to tell which software allows you to stream live.

There is a couple of software that allows you to stream TV channel in Taiwan/Hong Kong/China online.

Here I will recommend some software where you can stream TV channel (if you can’t wait and want to watch live for Jing).

One that I just recently discover called JGHDTV (http://www.jghdtv.com/) it allows you to stream channels from Taiwan/Hong Kong/China.

Simply enter their official website (URL is mention above) and download the software. Afterward just install it and you’re done.

[QUES – ANS] How to stream TV channel online? Stream01

Once you have installed it open the software and you'll see this ^ click on the middle one to stream live channels.

There you can find the channel you want to stream. It is split into Taiwan, Hong Kong and China channels so it's not so hard to find.

[QUES – ANS] How to stream TV channel online? Stream02o

If the channel you happen to click on said "Channel is offline" or something like that, on the top (shown in the above photo, the red underline part) try clicking on no.2 or no.3. If it still doesn't work it might be that your internet is too slow or maybe too many people is streaming at the same time or another reason.

If the channel you're stream is from China I recommend using UUSee (www.uusee.com/) as this allows you to even record the live stream which is a good tool. UUSee only has channels from China.

Another TV channel live streaming software is TVAnts (http://tvants.en.softonic.com/), you can even stream Korean and Japanese channels other than Hong Kong, Taiwan and China channels. But I think this one only has a few of the popular channel.

Another one is PPS (http://www.pps.tv/) I used to use this to watch Channel[V] shows. I don't know now but when I used to use it lags all the time. So I don't recommend but it would be a choice if non of the above seem to work fine for you.

I'm pretty there are lots of software you can stream live but that's all I know. If anyone has a better one do post it here and share.

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[QUES – ANS] How to stream TV channel online?
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